About LinearCube

LinearCube is an investor funded Texas based corporation led by seasoned techno-preneurs with extensive experience in Document and Content Management Systems.LinearCube offers hosted document management software to help companies migrate to a fully paperless environment, which eliminates infrastructure hassles, reduces costs, increases productivity, improves profitability, and allows you do much more with less.LinearCube offers you SaaS based Enterprise Content Management Services which eliminates software installations, hardware maintenance and prolonged customization cycles associated with any on-premise application.

Built on open source technologies, LinearCube’s products are platform-independent, easy to use, affordable, and an ideal cost-cutting alternative to traditional enterprise document management system.

You cannot wish away the paper sprawl in business, but LinearCube shows you, how to make a start and gain immensely from it. LinearCube’s document management solution goes beyond just storing digital version of paper documents; it improves your work flow, ensures your entire team across geographies is seamlessly communicating and collaborating. LinearCube’s products creatively blend, distribute, connect and use cloud computing to boost your bottom line.Whether you want to reduce paper, promote collaboration, ensure compliance, or manage the document lifecycle, LinearCube delivers optimum value ensuring customer satisfaction.