How to choose the Right Hosted Document Management System for Your Business?

To be frank, in comparison to conventional type of offline document management, the web based document management procedure is much more dynamic and sophisticated. In earlier days, the whole documentation work was conducted manually. Employees had to maintain vast volume of files for keeping records. The content was hand written. The piles of files and documents were kept under lock and key for future references. Now, time has changed. Due to the technological advancement, there has … read more

posted on Thu, 05/03/2012

Linearcube implements Electronic Document Management System

Are you looking for an electronic document management system to solve all your collaboration issues? Please try LinearCube’s ContentCube suite of products. It is a web based solution built on Alfresco’ open source document management platform. With this software you can securely park your documents online and collaborate with your global teams. It is easy to use and has features like email integration, version control, interactive previews and Microsoft® Office integration. Here are some of the … read more

posted on Tue, 04/17/2012

Online Document Management for Small Business

If you thought that document management facilities are only for big business houses, you are in for a surprise. LinearCube has spearheaded a revolution in the field of online document management. What’s more, these services have been designed to suit the needs and viability of small business houses. Linear Cube helps you establish a paper-free environment at work. All your documents are managed with the latest technology and in an unbelievably safe and secure online document … read more

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Online Document Storage & Document Structuring

LinearCube provides the best technology for online document storage and structuring of all existing documents. Data storage has been a big area of concern for big and small business concerns alike. Even today big business concerns suffer from the problems of data recovery and disaster management. Similarly small business houses suffer from issues like wastage of money and resources over manning of documents. But a solution to all woes is brought by LinearCube with its efficient, … read more

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Some key benefits of Online Document Management Systems

Online Document Management Systems are electronic systems which are used by business houses to keep track of their electronic documents. These systems are designed in such a way that they can store, manage, distribute and archive documents. Even educational institutes use this tool to keep track of their massive data. Digital filing cabinet as it is popularly known as has innumerous benefits which include but not limited to the following: 1.When you are using document management … read more

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LinearCube Introduces ContentCube Dedicated for Service Providers

12 months after the success of ContentCube Shared system, LinearCube has unveiled its latest document management innovation: ContentCube Dedicated. The system, priced at $1,700 per month, provides online document storage and management solutions for large companies, as well as service providers in industries such as accounting, IT services, and legal services who want to offer a document management service to their clients. ContentCube Dedicated offers all the storage and sharing options of the Shared systems, but … read more

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Hosted Document Management Solutions – A Boon for SMBs

Every company irrespective of the size, aims to master good time management skill and office organization techniques in order to control costs and deliver outstanding services. Even now most of the small business and start ups favor public e-mail systems offered by popular providers over internet. However, some businesses have their own dot com domains and deploy domain-based POP mail accounts in shared hosting packages. Though the solution may appear to be simple, practically it offers … read more

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Why Using a Search Engine Friendly Content Management System is so vital?

Every layman is not familiar with the coding or web scripting languages like HTML, Javascript, PHP or Dot Net. Webmasters or site owners require some kind of HTML editor to add, update or delete the content of their site as most of them are not familiar with HTML. So for them, the need of the hour is a Content Management System. This tool allows the site owners to modify the content, images and the document on … read more

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