LinearCube IntelliSuggest is now called Wizzang

Effectively immediately LinearCube’s patent pending product IntelliSuggest will be called Wizzang. The product direction remains unchanged. We continue to incorporate more innovative ideas into Wizzang. All customers using IntelliSuggest have been made aware of this change.

LinearCube Introduces ContentCube Dedicated for Service Providers

LinearCube, the company that introduced an affordable online document sharing service for small businesses, has a new product offering: ContentCube Dedicated is a document management system with enhanced hardware, software, and customizable features designed for large businesses and service providers.  More..


IntelliSuggest Released for Select Beta Customers

LinearCube’s patent pending product IntelliSuggest has been released for select beta customers. We will announce a broader beta program once the initial limited beta testing is completed. We are in the process of making a beta sign-up form available for the beta program. Please check back soon.


LinearCube’s New Interface Makes On-Demand Document Hosting Easier, More User-Friendly

LinearCube’s hosted, on-demand document service brought the advantages of data storage, filing, retrieval, archiving, and security methods to small and medium-sized businesses, at an affordable price. Now, an updated interface makes the LinearCube document management system a more intuitive, user-friendly experience.  More..


LinearCube Debuts SaaS Document Management Based on Alfresco

There are a number of SaaS document management and collaboration solutions on the market today. But there’s always room for one more it seems. LinearCube, a new offering built for the SMB market, has a pretty high quality core — it’s built on the Alfresco open source document management solution.  More..