If you are part of the Corporate Legal or Contracts Management Team you either

- Review and Draft agreements, contracts and other legal documents or

- Engage outside legal firm to do the same

Our product Wizzang is helping corporate legal department do more transactional work with their existing resources. It can also help reduce outside legal spend thereby saving cost.

Efficiency Efficiency
With Wizzang you will be able to locate and reuse entire sections from Microsoft Word documents in matter of minutes! This shortens your turn-around time and will enable you to deliver contracts much faster.
Reliability Savings
In most cases Wizzang will allow you to review and draft simple contracts in-house thereby saving outside legal costs.
Quality Quality
With Wizzang, you will be able to write once and use many! Only use the best of what your organization has already written.
Simplicity Simplicity
NO Tagging or Indexing. NO Learning curve. NO templates to create.