Hosted Document Management Solutions – A Boon for SMBs

Every company irrespective of the size, aims to master good time management skill and office organization techniques in order to control costs and deliver outstanding services. Even now most of the small business and start ups favor public e-mail systems offered by popular providers over internet. However, some businesses have their own dot com domains and deploy domain-based POP mail accounts in shared hosting packages. Though the solution may appear to be simple, practically it offers zero security to the SMB. Such set up often spread viruses and malware not to mention of the loss or deletion of attachments by accident. Downtime is a common problem. Only a simple and effective Hosted Document Management Solutions offers both – security and reliability.

Website has become significant revenue stream besides being an important sales channel through which company sells its products or services. Therefore, issues like up time, availability, and performance are becoming important with passing days. On a shared hosting server, security of the website is at a threat as it can be negatively impacted by other user on the machine. E-commerce enabled website should therefore be protected and managed with the help of Hosted Document Management Solutions. Hosted Document Management Solutions can be utilized as a cost effective way to provide information to the staff according to their need as it involve less upfront costs and no capital expenditure.

Hosted Document Management Solutions place no extra load on the existing IT infrastructure or on IT staff. Hosted Document Management Solutions allow data to get uploaded to the secure data centers. With the help of virtual folders in the cloud, Email and electronic files can be added and all the important information can be stored in one place thus facilitating collaboration for the users. By paying a monthly “storage” charge unlimited user of an organization can access the data. By using existing internet connections organizations can view and document any time. Be it outside the office, working from home or on site, staffs of the organization have unlimited access. Hosted Document Management Solutions is available for organizations of all sizes.

Once a company has decided to opt for SAAS document management systems it is important for them to check out whether the system can fulfill their requirements and at the same time it is reliable, secure, cost effective and demands less maintenance. Finding an exact solution according to your company’s need is a time consuming task. The task can be made simple by determining first what solution fits your organization, and then shop for a solution that best meet your business needs. Conducting due diligence is also a good way to find the right host. Tough there are many companies in the league that offer Hosted Document Management Solution companies such as Linear Cube offers superior Hosted Document Management Solution at affordable price guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

Hosted Document Management Solution empowers SMBs and startups to make use of 21st century business tools at cost effective price and provide greater service levels compared to shared hosting or in-house provisioning. No wonder more and more SMB’s are opting for this simple and cost effective technology.

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