LinearCube Introduces ContentCube Dedicated for Service Providers

12 months after the success of ContentCube Shared system, LinearCube has unveiled its latest document management innovation: ContentCube Dedicated. The system, priced at $1,700 per month, provides online document storage and management solutions for large companies, as well as service providers in industries such as accounting, IT services, and legal services who want to offer a document management service to their clients. ContentCube Dedicated offers all the storage and sharing options of the Shared systems, but with expanded storage, customizable features, and upgraded technical support.
“We started ContentCube Dedicated a month ago – and there’s been a lot of buzz about it. Our first client, a large internet service provider, is using it for their legal department with great success,” says Ajay Khater, CEO at LinearCube.

ContentCube Dedicated Support and Features

Enhanced software and hardware features are two of the biggest new additions to the ContentCube Dedicated system. Customers receive a dedicated server on LinearCube’s data center, with full access for an unlimited number of users and up to 250 GB of storage. LinearCube hosts and manages the server through SunGuard – including all regularly scheduled data backups – so that ContentCube Dedicated customers don’t have to spend time and money managing their data.
Additionally, 10 hours of training are built in to the cost of ContentCube Dedicated, so in-house company employees receive both admin and end-user training: both how to use and how to manage the system. But, if support is ever needed, the new system comes with a quick, 4-hour response to support requests, as opposed to 24 hours on the ContentCube Shared system.

Customization Options and Integration Features

ContentCube dedicated, based on the Alfresco system, has all of the features as ContentCube Shared: keyword-based searches; full integration with Microsoft Office, Wikis, and blogs; and password and security features based on users, files, or folders.
But now, ContentCube Dedicated also features full integration with Microsoft Outlook – a feature not available on Shared. All documents in the Dedicated system can be accessed from a folder in Outlook, and vice versa. Users can email documents – such as invoices – directly into and out of ContentCube Dedicated.
“You can literally organize your emails straight into the content management system, which saves a lot of steps and ensures that important documents aren’t lost in the shuffle. It’s a big deal,” says Khater.

Additionally, the ContentCube Dedicated system can be built into customers’ corporate networks. Full AD/LDAP integration means that users don’t have to log into the system separately from logging into the corporate network.
One of the biggest features of ContentCube Dedicated is private branding: Users can create customized templates specific to their industry or clients, and they can offer ContentCube Dedicated as a service for their own clilents. Companies can now manage their own data and their client’s data from a single program, in-house. Add-on services, like optical character recognition (OCR), are also available so that customers get a fully-customized, integrated, on-demand document management system.

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