Online Document Management for Small Business

If you thought that document management facilities are only for big business houses, you are in for a surprise. LinearCube has spearheaded a revolution in the field of online document management. What’s more, these services have been designed to suit the needs and viability of small business houses. Linear Cube helps you establish a paper-free environment at work. All your documents are managed with the latest technology and in an unbelievably safe and secure online document management system.

Many wonder about why a document management system is necessary for small business. In today’s fast moving, extra competitive environment such a system is not just necessary but totally inevitable. It makes your business process fast and smooth. It improves efficiency and profitability at work place. It gives you the golden opportunity to expand your business with the help of cutting-edge technology. Linear Cube provides a 30 day free trial to get a real feel of the system and its inherent advantages.

Linear Cube will provide a major breakthrough to your business with online collaboration. It allows real time multi tasking. No need to organize meetings of your different departments or branches when a group of people can be online and edit a document simultaneously. A multitude of techniques and applications are used to make document collaboration fast and convenient. Online document collaboration also allows you to share desktops, mails, manage your projects etc like never before. One can also add notes, messages, comments or references on any documents. In fact not one but if you want each one of your department heads can add their view before the document reaches your desktop!

Web based document management system is at your disposal 24*7! Hence it is easy for you, your team or any other concerned officers to access it and work on it as and when they like. A major area of concern would be the cost effectiveness of moving your entire work into such a document management system. Thankfully, lLinear cCube provides you solutions which are economical, quick and simple. Linear Cube provides specialized document management system and online collaboration depending on the type of business you are.

Online document management system designed by Linear Cube is a very simple and easy to use one. You don’t need to worry about any elaborate training of staff. Linear Cube believes it’s after sales customer service to actually be a part of the support system of the sales process. They provide quick response and help maintain the standard of performance. In case of office or work migration instant help is provided. As your small business develops in size and turn over, Linear Cube helps integrate all your resources into one effective and organized online document management system. Online document management system can be started or stopped at any point of time as you please. It helps in collecting and organizing all the data and document of your business. The system is an asset for small business houses.

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