Online Document Storage & Document Structuring

LinearCube provides the best technology for online document storage and structuring of all existing documents. Data storage has been a big area of concern for big and small business concerns alike. Even today big business concerns suffer from the problems of data recovery and disaster management. Similarly small business houses suffer from issues like wastage of money and resources over manning of documents. But a solution to all woes is brought by LinearCube with its efficient, economical and effective document management.

LinearCube has specialized document management systems for legal houses, accounting agencies, health centers and more. Web based document management system is the perfect solution for one and all. It allows access to multiple users to collaborate their documents online and bring about any changes simultaneously. You save the cost of meetings and travel and most importantly your precious time. Such a system is not just useful for big business houses but also for individuals and partners. It gives you the freedom to edit, share and control your documents any day of the week and any time of the day or night.

LinearCube also launches its new innovation known as IntelliSuggest. The patent is being awaited. In the mean while it provides you with unique facilities of document assembly, document review, document comparison, document authoring etc. LinearCube also provides flawless Alfresco based solutions. They have in-depth knowledge of Alfresco and have successfully implemented multiple ECM (enterprise content management) projects. LinearCube also specializes in Alfresco-SAP integration and provides these facilities in the biggest and the best companies of the States.

One of the best benefits of online document storage is mitigating the possibilities of loss of data. Even under unforeseen circumstances data recovery here is quickly possible. Furthermore, you can exactly choose between whom to share the document and who will how much access to it. Small business document management has taken a boost in recent times. LinearCube is a leader in this segment. It is an outstanding document management system which is affordable and extremely useful. It helps minimize cost and maximize returns.

LinearCube ensures that you have access to your documents always and there will be no system crashes. Their on-demand document management system is hosted by SunGard. SunGard is one of the world’s top data center. So you can blindly rely on their services. It is not only important to feed all your data online, what is more important and most useful in online collaboration of documents. Online document collaboration was a dream till yesterday but an impeccable asset today. An effective online collaboration system will provide you facilities like instant messengers, shared calendars, shared desktops, social networking and any other such collaborative application. LinearCube certainly provides much more than this and that too at a price which doesn’t create a hole in your pocket.

LinearCube aims at providing optimum customer satisfaction in whatever way possible. Web based document management system helps improve communication, compliance and confidentiality. It brings about an unbelievable smooth work flow where it is easy to track and correct your errors.

Summary- Online document storage and document management is a necessary part of your business. It will help give it a boost and develop it at a faster pace. It is economically and practically feasible.

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